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Paint Protection Film

Certified XPEL, 3M, SunTek and Kavaca Installers.  Protect your vehicle against road rash, parking scrapes, road salt and sand.


Ceramic Coating

Authorized Installers of Ceramic Pro, Opti-coat, XPEL Fusion Plus.  Our Ceramic coatings are based on proven nano-ceramic technologies specially formulated to protect just about any surface. 

Window Tinting

Authorized 3M and XPEL film dealers. All available standard and ceramic films in every shade.  Improve aesthetics, block heat and dangerous UV rays.


Custom Wraps

Change the color of your vehicle with a vinyl wrap, giving it a new look and protecting the OEM paint simultaneously.



Full range detailing services. Flat bed pick-up/drop-off service. Mobile Detailing also available.  Book online or call for pricing


Powder Coating

Give us a call if you need your wheels repaired, refinished or powder coated for an ultra durable finish.

Our Work



Passion, precision, perfection.  Tintmax Automotive has been NYC's choice for quality workmanship for over 30 years.  Our goal is to present you with a finished product that exemplifies perfection and meticulous attention to detail.  The crew at Tintmax Automotive will keep you informed of all the methods and technology we use to meet your exacting standards and within your budget.  We are ready to answer all your questions.

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